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With our link service, increase your income. We select the best programs for you and improve user engagement, all easily. Discover the unique benefits our solution offers to your product comparison site today.

Benefits of Affilinks

Affilinks offer a multitude of advantages and benefits that can greatly enhance your online marketing efforts.

Improving links

By improving links and selecting the most suitable affiliate program, you can maximize your commission earnings.

Time saving

Finding the right product link from various affiliate networks can be time-consuming. Save time using Affilinks URL rewrite.

Link Integrity

Advertisers can modify product links. With Affilinks, broken links are automatically rewritten, ensuring you no longer have to worry about them.

Start updating links in a few steps

Affilinks Registration

Sign up for Affilinks and connect your website to our platform. You will join over 150 affiliate platforms through Affilinks with just one registration.
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Collect your commissions

We provide a JavaScript tag that you can insert on your website. This tag will automatically update your product links and start collecting commissions.

URL Rewriting

When you add your website to Affilinks, you can enable our URL Rewriting feature. 

Discover our features

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