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Effortlessly build product comparison sites with affiliate links. Whether it’s product tests, user guides, or deals, offer the best and earn commissions through top affiliate programs.
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Empower your audience with a visually appealing and informative comparison table. Present product details side by side for effortless decision-making.

Craft compelling product cards that captivate your visitors. Highlight key features and benefits, providing a snapshot of each item in a visually engaging format.

Drive action with strategically placed Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons. Seamlessly guide your audience through the purchasing journey, enhancing user interaction and conversion rates.

Simplify the decision-making process with our easy-to-use product comparator. Enable your users to compare products effortlessly, making informed choices that align with their needs.

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Sign up for Affilinks and connect your website to our platform. You will join over 150 affiliate platforms through Affilinks with just one registration.
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Select and personalize the design of your product comparator. Choose from over XXXX products, then get the JavaScript code to embed on your web page.
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Track performance

Monitor the performance of your comparator by tracking the number of transactions generated, as well as all KPIs to optimize the management of your website.

Collect your commissions

Once sales are generated, earn the corresponding commissions. Your page continues to generate sales, and you continue to earn your commissions.

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+ of 10M Products

Affilinks gives you access to its inventory of over 10 Million products and adds  products to its catalog every day.

Most profitable offer

Affilinks selects the most profitable offer for you. Choose to highlight it or select the ones you want.

Simple & quick

Quickly and simply build your product comparators and insert them with a copy/paste on your website.

In your image

Select from tables, maps, links or buttons and personalize them with your colors to harmonize them with your visual identity.

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